2017 founded to transform the Cases industry.

Our goal: to be the best Cases on the market with the latest technology, high-quality materials and innovative ideas.

Official launch 2018

After several prototypes, we knew exactly what was important with our Cases. We combined a wide variety of materials to combine the highest level of protection and unique designs in the best possible way.

Our first 50 Cases went online.

10 months later

After numerous customer recommendations, our Premium-Cases quickly prevailed over the competition.

Thanks to unique designs and unusual materials, our products have not only become very popular due to their particularly high level of protection, but have also made a name for themselves as lifestyle accessories in the fashion world.


Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide speak for the quality and durability of our Cases.

Berlin, October 22nd, 2019 - Awarded "Top Recommendation 2019" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland .

We have expanded our range in order to be able to offer our customers more material and model variety.


As an established Cases brand, we are now in close cooperation with over 15 smartphone manufacturers.

Thanks to our global success and the resulting contacts with manufacturers, we can produce Cases even before the market launch of new smartphones.

Thus, our customers benefit from the full Cases selection immediately after purchasing their new smartphone!


We enlarged our team for better service and faster shipping for our customers.

As a professional B2B partner, our brand name is not only found on smartphones. Since 2021, our premium Cases have also been on checkout systems and card readers in retail chains and department stores in several European countries.


Our Glass product range has been expanded and the selection of Cases & accessories for smartphones and other devices has been expanded.

Through the strictest quality controls during production, we always guarantee our customers the highest quality that withstands all everyday situations such as bumps, falls and loads on the smartphone.


Through our constantly growing success, we want to give something back to the environment. With our financial support we would like to devote ourselves to reforestation. It is important to us not only to combine responsibility and sustainability in our products, but also to be specifically involved in environmental projects.

thanks to our latest partnership with Ecologi we actively plant a tree to each order.

Experience first-class quality and unique designs on all your devices!